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Our Top 5

Website Builder

Elementor is the best free and simple drag-and-drop website builder for marketers.


Web hosting service: speed, performance, security and 24/7 customer support.

Email Marketing

MailerLite is an email marketing platform designed for brand newsletters and content creators.

Graphic Design

Artboard Studio is a graphic design tool with a focus on creating mockups and online presentations.

Copywriting, AI

Jasper creates text content for blogs, websites, social media, and more with AI.

Free or paid?


A chatbot for FB, IG, and Messenger that helps you acquire new customers, increase sales and automate support.


Remove background noises, voices, and echoes during calls, and have professional online meetings.


Take notes and collaborate with friends. Create notecards with Markdown, LaTeX, images, emojis and more.


A web-based project management tool that allows teams to organize and track tasks, projects, and workflows.

The Great Suspender

A browser extension that helps reduce memory usage by automatically suspending inactive tabs.


A project management software for creative agencies that embraces a modern, shared, and responsible approach.

CleanShot X

The best screenshot and screen recording app for Mac with a built-in annotation tool, Cloud uploading, scrolling capture, and a lot more.


A non-profit, growing library of immersive nature sounds of the earth from all over the world.


Streamline the process of organizing team travel. Find the destination, book the venue, and get help with everything else.


Transform your text instructions into Excel formulas in seconds with the help of AI.


Create impactful product launches, with the first go-to-market platform that automates all your product launch planning.


The first social media platform that rewards you for your social media activities


The #1 platform for content creators and artists to make a living from their work, thanks to the support of their community.


Generate beautiful logos for your project in a few minutes thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence.


VoiceLine lets you drop voice notes directly into your daily tools, such as CRM, project management software or shared documents.


Matter is a powerful, elegant read-it-later app that pulls everything you want to read into one beautiful place.


An AI-powered search engine that uses language models to surface expert answers from research papers.


Instaprice is a quotes calculator that helps you instantly estimate how much to charge for your work.


Kula is a recruitment automation platform that lets you reach out and engage with the top talent everywhere.


An omni-channel conversational platform with a live chat, AI-powered chatbots, knowledge base and conversational apps.


A free browser extension that makes it easy to pick colors from web pages and build shareable color palettes.


Potential is a productivity app to keep track of habits, commitments and goals.


Quickly create beautiful website and device mockups and images from screenshots.


Rewind is the search engine for your life that enables you to find anything you’ve seen, said, or heard.

Polar Analytics

A multi-channel analytics software for Shopify brands. Connect all your eCommerce data, and get actionable insights.

Fake Filler

Fake Filler is an essential form filler extension for developers and testers to fill all inputs on a page with dummy data.

Steve AI

An AI video-making app for creating animation and live-action videos in seconds, at fraction of cost.


Obsidian is a powerful Markdown-based note-taking and knowledge base app.


Project manage, approve and review creative assets on a single, shared platform.


Make consent and preferences intuitive, sleek, and fun with Axeptio, the only cookie widget you enjoy seeing online.


Store all your KPIs in your pocket and get instant access to your metrics anytime, anywhere from your phone.


Nibol is an online platform that allows teams to book workspaces, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and more.


One app to easily manage your tasks, projects, and team's work. Stay organized and get more done with Any.do.


An alternative to slide decks that allows users to write content in a doc and quickly make it into a presentation.


Simple and secure access to all your online accounts. At work, home, and everywhere in between.


Run faster and more focused standups, track progress and blockers, and get sharper updates.


The community platform for creators and brands. Chat, courses, live streams, events, and memberships - all in one place.


A productivity platform for task management that offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, and even an inbox.


Mix different sounds and create your perfect sound environment to work, study and relax.


Cycle helps you collect, unify, and connect all product information across your tools.


GoodHabitz is an eLearning platform that offers hundreds of courses for employees.


Birdy helps you optimize your Twitter profile with continual automated A/B testing.


Placid lets you auto-generate creatives from custom templates via API or no-code solutions.


A native macOS app to take beautiful and ready-to-share screenshots in just one click.


A website feedback tool that allows you to leave comments on a live website and make real-time edits.


Schedule your social media posts, save time, drive traffic, and focus on your business.


A compensation management solution that helps you design your compensation strategy.


Templates so you never stare at a blank page again. One-click publishing and analytics to track performance.


Become a web3 developer, build and deploy DApp, tokens, and smart contracts without blockchain experts.


Generate original memes powered by AI in 110+ languages.


Lumelixr.ai helps you find out the exact formula for Excel or Google Sheets in an instant using A.I.


A virtual photo studio that helps companies and creatives to do photo shootings online.

Interview Warmup

Prepare for your next interview, practice, and get comfortable interviewing with the support of AI.


Produce, record, and edit high-quality videos on your Mac, using your iPhone, iPad, or any other camera.


Monitor website changes with Visualping, detect and get real-time alerts of web page changes.


A search engine made by Ahrefs that pays 90% of their ad-generated revenue directly to content creators.

Unicorn Nest

Find and contact relevant VC investors. Manage your fundraising pipeline. Secure the funding faster.


An app that allows users to discover the latest trends on TikTok in order to create viral content.


Namelix uses artificial intelligence to create a short, brandable business name.


Order UGC video ads, testimonials, how-to, 360Β°, and unboxing videos for your product or brand.


Get live and on-demand help for setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting over 30 platforms.

Twilio Segment

Segment is a developer-first analytics solution that empowers 15k+ startups to scale their data infrastructure.


Connect your favorite apps and devices, ο»Ώautomate web-based tasks, and boost productivity.

Virtual Ghost Writer

A tool that allows you to generate copy, summarize text, complete thoughts, and write articles.

Adobe Express

An online and mobile design app. Easily create stunning social graphics, short videos, and web pages.


Listnr.fm helps you record, edit, host, distribute and monetize your podcast in one place.


A workforce management platform that helps you manage independent contractors, freelancers, gig workers, and consultants.


Manage all your money with ease from one place. Track your income and expenses, analyze your financial habits and stick to your budgets.


Omnisend is a software that enables to unlock the full potential of SMS and email marketing together.


A platform where users can give and receive advices on investments from the most experienced investors.


An app created to support teams in organizing and managing their work online.

Day One

A journaling app that allows you to create your own personal "secret diary".


A powerful platform that helps you create augmented reality videos and experiences online.


Divi is a revolutionary website builder that allows you to design and customize your own website online.


A platform that provides tax assistance & consultancy, and saves you time by managing bills, expenses, and invoicing.


Amberscript helps you convert audio or video into text, and offers transcription and subtitling services.


AAWP is the best plugin to advertise Amazon products and earn commissions online.


A website that helps you improve your pitching sessions so you can optimize before going on a meeting with investors.


Adventr is the world's most powerful and flexible interactive streaming platform.


The all-in-one production platform that enables you to easily automate visual content, at speed and scale.


A simple solution that helps you pitch media enquiries and receive the brand exposure and backlinks your project need


Sorted combines tasks, calendar events and notes so you can hyper-schedule your entire day in one place.


BeReal is the simplest photo sharing app to share once a day your real life in photo with friends.


A toolset that solves the most pressing creative problems by combining all forms of content research into a single platform.


A real-time media monitoring platform that predicts the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead.

Viral Loops

Viral Loops is a platform for creating viral content and referral programs.


A solution that enhances your CRM with reliable, accurate and valuable information about your customer


An online games platform designed for the workplace that lets you play games remotely or in-person.

Shop App

An online shopping assistant available on iOS and Android designed to help you track, pay, and shop better.


A lifestyle app that aims to help you incorporate good habits in your daily lives and improve overall wellness.


An all-in-one platform with everything you need to edit photos, create designs, and make photo collages.


An app for Shopify that gives size recommendations based on the shopper's specific details.


An app for organizing calls and meetings that allows you to automatically identify the times that suit everyone.


A customer support platform that allows to view and edit customers’ screen, to effectively help them via chat or phone.


An online networking platform that allows you to build strong connection habits via weekly 1:1 video meetings.

Pure VPN

One of the best VPNs to browse the web safely, quickly and without hassle and complications.

IP Vanish VPN

Over 2000 servers, 75 countries and 40,000 IP addresses available, for maximum speed and security.

ZenMate VPN

A VPN available for all operating systems that also offers an extension for the most used browsers.

Private Internet Access

Servers in 83 countries, simultaneous access on 110 devices, and over 15 million customers worldwide.

Atlas VPN

Secure your connection and redirect your IP address to over 750 servers all over the world.


An excellent VPN to protect your data and guarantee speed and safety while browsing online.


A popular VPN, that guarantees 100% anonymity and maximum browsing speed.


The undisputed leader in VPNs that connects with 94 countries and multiple devices simultaneously.


A platform that allow you to extract and share the most relevant moments from Zoom, Youtube and webinars.


A platform designed to help startups find and get in touch with potential investors.


A collaborative platform where you can connect with professionals and showcase your works and projects.


Jasper creates text content for blogs, websites, social media and more with AI.


Mojo is an app that offers hundreds of animated templates for creating engaging stories.


An equity crowdfunding platform that allows you to invest and buy shares of emerging startups and businesses.


A tool for developers that will let you reproduce and correct bugs, errors, and slowdowns on your web pages.

Google Journalist Studio

A set of tools that help journalists and copywriters do their jobs more efficiently and creatively.


A Google Chrome extension that let you blur areas of your screen and avoid showing personal data.


A chatbot that supports over 20 social networks, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and Viber.


A free Chrome extension that will allow you to get a real-time transcript of your Google Meet and Zoom video calls.

The Ad Creative Bank

A digital archive of the top online ads, designed to help you find ideas and inspiration


A tool for Twitter that allows you to automatically answer all the users who responded to your tweets.


Carrd is an online service that allows its users to create free one-page websites optimized for any device.

Happy Scribe

Add original or translated subtitles to your videos either relying on professionals or on the system's AI.


Breve is an online software that allows you to create video messages and share them with your team members.


Clover allows you to keep track of your ideas with texts, lists, reminders, drawings, and presentations.


A Shopify extension that enables you to provide your customers with personalized discounts.


Search for, and find the best font for your project using customized search criteria.


Find and book hotels, hostels, apartments and co-living spaces suitable for smart working around the world.


A virtual environment where you can collaborate visually and interactively with your team members.


A (B2B) platform that enables event and conference participants to connect and network.


An app that generates melodies and soundscapes that help you concentrate, relax and improve focus.


Create dynamic and interactive pop-up videos on any page of your website and increase conversions.


Create beautiful presentations, quotes and collaboration proposals to deliver to your prospective clients.


Schedule and organize all your calls and meetings by cross-referencing the availability of colleagues and clients.


Take advantage of social proof to sell your products and services with the use of "smart" pop-ups and notifications.


A tool designed to help you remember the simplest and the least relevant tasks of the day.


A platform created to help you look for and find the perfect influencer for your marketing

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is an online platform designed to generate QR codes instantly.


An AI assistant that records and transcribes conversations from your online calls and meetings.


An all-in-one platform that includes several useful tools for managing and converting all your files.


Create memes and GIFs in the blink of an eye from the current trending graphics.


Write a letter, email or message to your future self and automatically receive it after a few years.


Clockwise helps you to organize your calendar in a better and fully automatic manner.


A website builder for WordPress which is extremely fast, stable and easy to use.


Headliner automatically converts all episodes of your podcast to video file format.


A platform for creators where you can sell digital products from the link in bio and monetize your business.


With Rewardful you will create and manage your own affiliate program in a single platform.


Outranking is a platform for creating content with AI for the internet with an SEO perspective.


Graficto is a software dedicated to the creation of infographics and visuals for websites, blogs or social networks.

Monster Cart Upsell

An application for Shopify designed to increase the average cart value and the number of sales.


Tablerone is a Chrome extension designed to keep all of your browser's tabs organized.

Copy AI

Copy AI creates automated text content for your marketing strategy with the help of AI.


Create tables, lists and comparison boxes for products and services while increasing your affiliate sales.

Paper Website

Paper Website turns your journal into a blog with the help of your phone camera and AI.

Remote OK

Remote OK is a platform where you can find tons of remote jobs around the world.


The Google platform to create websites easily, without any hassle for free


Create your own website with ready-to-use styles and layouts with no design skills required.


Building a website, landing page or eCommerce has never been easier (and cheaper).


Create a fantastic website for your business with Webnode for free in minutes.

Cleanup Pictures

Cleanup Pictures deletes and removes objects, people, text or defects from any image or photo.


Identi is a social network designed to create habits and routines with the help and support of the community.

Clean Email

Clean Email helps you clean up and keep your inbox tidy at all times.


Create forms to send to customers for reservations, orders, registrations or feedback on WhatsApp.


BlogAudio converts your online articles into audio format and integrates them with your blog posts using AI.


Redact is a tool designed to delete your digital footprints from all existing social networks.

Active Powered

The leading Italian reseller of ActiveCampaign: increase sales and conversions with marketing automation.

Push VPN

Protect your privacy and make your online browsing 100% secure with Push VPN.


NordVPN is the best VPN on the market that guarantees you security and fast browsing.


Runway is a video editing platform based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.


With Storyly you can create a Story section directly within an app.


Motionbox is a tool that helps creators and teams create, edit and customize videos, GIFs and memes.


Factorial is a software used for managing human resources and HR administrative tasks.


Fotor is an online photo and image editor designed to easily create graphics and visual content.


Jimdo is a platform for creating websites and landing pages that is simple, intuitive and easy to use.


Create online graphics with just a snap of your fingers. Fast, intuitive and user friendly.

Let’s Enhance

Let's Enhance harnesses the power of AI to improve image quality and resolution.


MeisterNote helps teams organize and share information and ideas collaboratively.


Handwrytten allows you to write and send "handwritten" notes and cards with AI to your customers.


With StudyStream you can access "virtual rooms" 24/7 for the purpose of staying focused.


Direcon analyzes data and performance of "audio" platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and Spotify GR.


FlexClip makes it easy to create any type of online video, using thousands of ready-to-use templates.


123RF is a professional solution for downloading copyright-free photos and videos for your business.


A platform with hundreds of free videos on a wide variety of topics, which are in high definition and ready to download.


With Dareful download videos with 4K and royalty-free footage in a wide variety of categories.


A site to download high definition videos and images for free and without any copyright.


Coverr is a website where you can download dozens of videos in very high quality and with no copyright.

Life of Vids

Life of Vids is a platform that offers hundreds of online videos ready to download at no cost.


Videezy offers thousands of ready-to-download videos, photos and video clips, with no registration required.


Videvo offers over 500,000 free and royalty-free video, music and animation files.


iStock is a fully stocked library of great videos, photos and illustrations for your project.


An online platform to download images, videos, music, templates, editorial content and 3D models.


Pexels is a free search engine where you can download high-quality copyright-free videos and photos.


A library with over 1 million files to download for free: videos, images, sound effects and illustrations.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock offers a library with high-quality videos, images, illustrations and sound files.


Create a marketplace and sell your products or services without the need to know how to program.


Iconosquare is a programming tool for scheduling, analyzing and reporting the performance of social channels.


Calendly facilitates and simplifies the process of booking meetings and appointments online.


Kin is an app that helps you create healthy habits with the support of friends and the community.


Capsule is a platform that converts your community into a video content creation team.


Revealbot is an automation tool for launching, managing, analyzing and scaling ads.


Record videos of your screen on your PC together with your webcam, save them and share them with whoever you want.


ShareX is a productivity tool designed to record videos, take screenshots and share files.


AceThinker allows you to record your pc screen with built-in audio for free.


Screencast-O-Matic records your screen and allows you to edit it and share it with whoever you want.


ApowerREC is a screen, audio and webcam recorder for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.