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Connect your favorite apps and devices, automate web-based tasks, and boost productivity.


Imagine being able to automatically update your cell phone wallpaper with the latest NASA photo, or automatically post your Twitter photos to Instagram as well. In short, imagine a world of automation! Discover IFTTT and make this and much more possible.

🚀 What is it and how does it work?

IFTTT is an automation platform that will allow you to create shortcuts and integrations for your favorite apps and devices to make the actions you repeatedly take easier and more automatic.Among the many apps supported by the platform are Google Calendar, Twitter, Alexa, Facebook, Trello, Dropbox and many others, as well as the most popular smart home systems. This means you can also automate your smart home commands through other apps and devices!All you need to do to create a new automation is choose a trigger, the relevant automation, name the newly created process, and there you go: your brand new Applet will be ready for use!

💡 Who is it for?

To all those who are looking for a way to automate processes and actions.

💸 How much does it cost?

You can use IFTTT for free to create up to 5 Applets. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Pro plan ($2,5/month) to increase the limit to 20, or the Pro+ plan ($5/month) for unlimited automation.

🌐 Website:


Free plan: ✅
Free trial: ✅
Price: from $2,50/mo


4.9 / 5

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