🧑🏻‍💻 Productivity

Obsidian is a powerful Markdown-based note-taking and knowledge base app.


Looking for the perfect app for taking notes and connecting your thoughts in a way that makes sense? Try Obsidian and merge seamlessly everything you think, write and jot down.

🚀 What is it and how does it work?

Obsidian is a tool for productivity that allows users to take notes and then link different thoughts into charts. You can choose to combine your input into a chart, with circles representing a different thought and lines joining related ideas; with links and backlinks, connecting two thoughts to each other; or with external links, starting with one idea and then developing others around it. With nearly 1,000 plugins and over 100 themes, you will also be able to customize your graphics in any way you want.

💡 Who is it for?

Companies, teams and individuals who frequently brainstorm and would like to collect and connect their ideas.

💸 How much does it cost?

You can use Obsidian for free.

🌐 Website:


Free plan: ✅
Free trial: ✅
Price: from $25/mo


4.9 / 5

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