🧑🏻‍💻 Task Management

Sorted combines tasks, calendar events and notes so you can hyper-schedule your entire day in one place.


If you want to finally have all the commitments of Google Calendar, your mobile phone calendar, reminders, and all other applications in a single user-friendly interface, download Sorted and start tidying up your days!

🚀 What is it and how does it work?

Sorted is an application for smartphones and tablets that allows you to put together events and commitments from different calendars on a single screen, giving you a complete picture of all the programs of the day. In addition to the user-friendly interface, Sorted also offers the ability to write notes related to specific events and commitments directly from the app, so that you always have everything under control. Also, thanks to the auto-schedule, magic select, and time ruler features, you will always have maximum flexibility when facing unforeseen events, cancellations, last-minute events, or program changes.

💡 Who is it for?

Anyone who manages their commitments using different digital calendars and would like to have a single app to keep a complete overview of events and appointments.

💸 How much does it cost?

Sorted is available for iOS and MacOS for free. However, the app also offers a pro version for $ 14.99 (iOS) and $ 24.99 (macOS).

🌐 Website:


Free plan: ✅
Free trial: ✅
Price: from $14.99


4.3 / 5

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